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Player Placements

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Competitive Program

The Competitive Program at Chesapeake United is the highest level of play for ages U-9 to U-19. All coaches in this program are paid professionals who are licensed by the United States Soccer Federation. Competitive Teams train twice a week as a team during the fall and spring seasons and an additional night of tactical training (scrimmaging — included in fees).  Chesapeake United is committed to providing an exceptional youth soccer experience which values competition, sportsmanship, integrity, and hard work each and every day.  As a club, we strive to push our players to the “next level” knowing that the “next level” may be different for each individual.

CUSC Competitive Teams participate in the Virginia Soccer League (VSLi) and typically play 8-10 games per season against other Competitive Level teams in the Hampton Roads area. In addition, teams participate in 2 to 4 tournaments per season. One tournament per season is included in the fees for age groups U9-U14.

All players tryout for Competitive teams each spring and are assigned to teams based on age and ability level both mentally and physically. Chesapeake United requires tryouts for all new and returning players each soccer year in the spring before the following fall. Players may be reassigned to other teams throughout the soccer year if the Technical Staff and/or Competitive Coaches determine that another team may be a better fit for the individual player. If you have questions about the Competitive Program, please contact us at

Competitive Program Fee Structure

Additional Fee Inclusions:

What IS Included in Competitive Program Fees:

  • US Club Soccer Player Pass
  • 16 Weeks of League Play Per Year (8 Per Season) – Virginia Premier Soccer League / National Premier League
  • Two Tournaments – One in the Fall, One in the Spring. (Two additional paid for in team fees)
  • 12 Weeks of Supplemental Tactical Training per year (6 per season)
  • 6-8 week Winter Training Program (January/February/Early March)
  • 2 Team Training Sessions Per Week in Fall & Spring Seasons
  • Coaching Salaries
  • Risk Management
  • Coach and Team Officials Background Checks
  • Competitive Coaching Education
  • Field Maintenance
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Lighted fields at Centerville Park
  • Facility Rental Fees
  • College Research & Preparation Program
  • Off-field Player Education Meetings
  • Technical/Administrative Staff Salaries
  • Veo Camera Technology and subscription
  • Club Website Fees
  • Club Communication Platforms
  • League Fees
  • Governing Organization Fees
  • Professional Expenses

What IS NOT included in Competitive Program Fees:

  • Team activities outside of training and games
  • Personal travel expenses
  • Coach’s travel expenses
  • Uniforms
  • Miscellaneous team expenses

Team fees are collected in addition to club fees to cover expenses such as coach mileage and hotel accommodations. All team fees are split equally between the entire team and exact numbers may vary by team. Parents are responsible for the team fees of their player even if the player will not attend an event.


  • Each new player will be required to purchase the designated set of uniforms for Chesapeake United Competitive players which will be the official uniform through each soccer year.
  • Player uniforms, apparel, and equipment costs are not included in the Competitive Program Base Fees.
  • The current uniform kit includes: 2 Adidas jerseys (White/Black), 1 Competitive Program Adidas training t-shirt (Black), 2 Adidas shorts (White/Black), 2 pair Adidas socks (White/Black). This uniform is ordered from once directed by the club post-tryouts.


  • After tryouts in May, each selected player will have 24 hours after being notified by the coach to either accept or reject their selection to the team and, if opting to accept, will pay the $220.00 required deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • Refunds may be possible when due to an unexpected move or injury.  Documentation is required for unexpected moves or injuries when requesting refunds and all refunds will incur a $20 processing fee.
  • Chesapeake United is not obligated to provide any refunds.  All refund requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.  Processing fees may apply in addition to funds allocated for program and club expenses.

Competitive Coaching Slate

*Coaching slate is subject to change based on the needs of the club and teams.

Competitive Program / NPL

Competitive teams compete at an elite level in league play and tournaments.  With hundreds of teams amongst many divisions, the Virginia Premier Soccer League offers the opportunity to place teams individually based on the competitiveness of the each team in order to promote a game schedule that will offer challenge and success which ultimately promotes growth.  Each year, the Club Director’s meet to establish divisions for all clubs based on geographical location, previous records, and ability level of individual teams.  This league is referred to as “local travel” as 90% of games are within 30 minutes of each club’s home facility.  Virginia Premier Soccer League games are played on Sundays, with occasional Saturday games, with kick off times usually ranging from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Teams who finish in the top of their divisions in the Virginia Premier Soccer League have an opportunity to compete on the national stage in the National Premier League which is the host of the Virginia Premier Soccer League.  Teams will also have an opportunity to compete in single-elimination state tournaments beginning at twelve years old for a chance to become state champions.

Chesapeake United makes a point to ensure that all teams compete in leagues, tournaments, and events which offer each team the opportunity to compete in an environment which balances challenge and success.

Refund Policy

Each selected player will have 24 hours after being notified by the club to either accept or reject their invitation to the team and will pay the $220.00 required deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.

Refunds can be requested for review on a case-by-case basis due to player injury or unexpected household moves. A $20 processing fund will be charged for each refund given.

Refunds for fees paid to the team will be handled within the team. Amounts expended by the team prior to the request will not be refunded. 

Documentation is required to support the injury or unexpected move.

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